Digital transformation at scale

“Our rule as a startup was that if ten people are doing something then we shouldn’t be the 11th. We’re going to do something that will be unique”, says Khurram Kalimi, the COO and Co-founder of the digital transformation startup, VinnCorp.  

Khurram Gulistan, and Khurram Kalimi, the Co-founders of VinnCorp, started as batch-mates from the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (FAST), a Pakistani University, and have more than ten years’ worth of experience working in some of the biggest global tech companies the likes of Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce and VMware.

For Gulistan and Kalimi, a comfortable job has never been the goal. They have always aspired to be unique and to bring something new to the table. VinnCorp was founded on this very vision as it started off as the first political campaign management system in Pakistan. VinnCorp works towards building products that help solve challenges in modern-day politics and commerce.

VinnCorp has worked and produced a diverse set of operating systems. SOCOL, VinnCorp’s political campaign solution is a first-of-its-kind voter relationship management system, which was highly publicized in digital and print media. SOCOL also brought the firm the ITCN Tech Prize in 2019.

Watch our full conversation with Khurram Gulistan and Khurram Kalimi to learn more about their work with VinnCorp as they talk about the inception of their business, their range of products and services, and their insights on Pakistan’s software industry.

VinnCorp’s flagship product, Brand Equity, has experienced success and recognition right from its inception where it was selected in Startup Istanbul amongst the top 100 companies of the world. The product is a cutting-edge, highly innovative, monitoring tool that uses machine learning to keep track of social media interactions.

Scan2Order is an e-commerce based QR scanning product that went live in California, San Francisco and New York. While it is functional in the States, VinnCorp continues to provide support and maintenance from across the globe in Pakistan. 

VinnCorp’s goal has always been to create a bigger impact. Gulistan and Kalimi have challenges they’ve identified in the Bay Area and Pakistan, and are working towards creating communication links so that these challenges and problems can be solved through their technology to build systems for clients which have the potential to be multi-billion-dollar businesses on their own. They realize their responsibility and are actively working towards changing the world to be a better place.

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