Karachi’s most exclusive trainer shares his entrepreneurship journey

Not too long ago, Karachi resident and fitness entrepreneur, Usman Samir, was struggling to find direction in his career. Due to a falling out with his father, he was forced to carve out his own path at a young age. A college drop out, Usman tried his hand 

His passion for fitness and appreciation for how training enables one’s focus, drove him to study the field and eventually ride the wave of fitness trends a few years ago. He started with a boot camp and slowly found a niche market as a personal trainer, often setting up facilities in the homes and offices of individual clients. 

Today, Samir is the founder of Fitness 360: Exclusive Bespoke Training. Known to Karachiites as the most expensive and exclusive trainer in the city, Samir has built a clientele that consists of the city’s top business leaders. “I was very fortunate to be able to train Pakistan’s top business tycoons, being as I run a very niche and exclusive bespoke training business. I have learned a lot from my clients who all seem to have similar character traits I believe are required to achieving success,” says Samir.  

Watch this video to hear Samir’s journey to running a successful business in fitness, including his take on myths around fitness and how to stay motivated.

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