Leading a philanthropic organisation whose sole purpose is to serve the poor

According to a March 2018 paper in the Stanford Social Innovation Review, Pakistan contributes more than one percent of its GDP to charity, putting it right next to the UK and Canada.

Without the philanthropic contributions of our people in the space of health and education, Pakistan would be an “unstable place”, says Saquib Hameed, Chairman of LRBT.  The organisation provides free eye-care to 3 million people each year through 19 hospitals located all over Pakistan.

For a country that ranks third in the world for the highest number of visually impaired and blind people, LRBT provides a crucial service in the absence of adequate public healthcare, attracting about 9000 patients a day.

Hameed joined LRBT after retiring from a successful career with a leading global multinational company in the UAE.  He moved back to his hometown of Karachi, where he wanted to dedicate his time to giving back to the country that brought him success. 

Under his leadership, the organisation has grown from 9  to 19 hospitals. The entire operation of LRBT is run on donations. Even though there is no profit motive, Hameed says they still have to deliver a competent service as cost-effectively as possible.

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