Mastering the art of ‘business backwards’ with CEO 10Pearls

“Technology is going to change the world…” says Imran Aftab, Founder and CEO of 10Pearls, as he explains the purpose and importance of his work. 10Pearls is a company that provides businesses with products to help them transform and stay afloat in our competitive digital economy. It has not only supported multiple startups but large enterprises as well such as National Geographic. 10Pearls Labs is an asset to the company and is where they analyse and experiment with emerging technologies.

In 2004, Imran Aftab, with the help of his brother, Zeeshan, launched 10Pearls with the aim of bringing about a positive impact in Pakistan, and changing how Pakistanis are perceived. He graduated from St. Patrick’s High School and began pursuing a PhD in Chemical Physics until he switched to the corporate sector. He was the Director of AOL’s Global Outsourcing, and has also worked for Sprint and J.P Morgan. Aftab is part of the Young Presidents Organization.

Watch our conversation with him as we cover the American Dream turns Pakistani (00:29), the early days (02:18), the importance of opportunity (04:37), building a world class brand (05:48), championing inclusive growth and development (07:15), Pakistani IT as a ‘back office business’ (09:50), keeping himself grounded (10:20), Entrepreneurship: a lonely journey (11:08), and what Pakistan needs to be doing more of (11:27).

Drawing from his own experience, Aftab recognizes the importance of education and creating opportunities for the youth. 10Pearls University was made to encourage learning within employees and hone their skills by exposing them to cutting-edge technologies. He believes that the increase of women in technology is a great turning point for our society stating that “…if women are educated, our kids have a tremendous opportunity…”.

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