Opportunities in crisis – Coming soon on VCast

Every day, we are bombarded by negativity in the news cycle. But as we face our challenges as a nation, let’s not forget that there is a bright side.

Here are the people we are covering in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned to VCAST Online for insight and conversation around progress and positivity.
Maheen Rahman | Alfalah GHP Investment Management Ltd.
Dr. Osman Faheem | Aga Khan University Hospital Pakistan – AKUH
Muneeb Maayr | Bykea بائیکیا
Ikram Sehgal | Pathfinder Group
Khalid Mahmood | Getz Pharma
Dr. Bernhard Klemen | Sarmayacar  
Frans Nauta | ClimateLaunchpad
Georg Wolff | Buckle & Seam
Florence Villiers | Café Flo

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