Taking Pakistan to Davos – in conversation with Ikram Sehgal

 “What happens is that life’s knocks give you enough incentive; when you find that your children may go hungry, your family is under threat, then you learn, and you learn pretty fast.” says Ikram Sehgal, defense analyst and Chairman of Pathfinder Group Pakistan. The Pathfinder Group deals with security solutions and facilities management services, and has two of the largest private security companies under its belt; Security & Management Services (PVT.) LTD and Wackenhut Pakistan (PVT.) LTD. The Pathfinder Group was created when a number of people began approaching Sehgal for jobs. It currently employs thousands of people across 50 cities and towns in Pakistan.

Before the conception of the Pathfinder Group, Sehgal was a graduate of Pakistan Military Academy and served in the Pakistan Army. He also worked as a commercial pilot before starting his own business in 1977. In addition to this, he has also worked as the chairman for K-Electric, and written several articles. He has also authored a book, Escape from Oblivion, about his experience as a prisoner of war in 1971, and his eventual escape. He is also a member of the World Economic Forum (WEF), and the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

Watch our interview with him as he talks about becoming a writer (00:38), setting up the Pathfinder Group (04:45), his greatest satisfaction (06:22), safeguarding churches in Pakistan (07:39), Pakistan’s representation at the World Economic Forum (08:58), Future outlook for Pakistan (10:06), and Pakistan’s need of the hour (10:43).

Sehgal says, “…when I made my company, when I hired my people, I found that the Pakistani is second to none, provided you give the person proper leadership….”. He believes that Pakistan has great potential that can be realized by enforcing the law, and holding people accountable.

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