In conversation with Pakistani influencer and content creator, Irfan Junejo


There is a new term for individuals that attract and retain the attention of social media followers. These vloggers or social media personalities are now recognised as marketers or more specifically, influencers.

Karachi resident and current MBA student, Irfan Junejo, qualifies as one of Pakistan’s most beloved influencers, or “content creators” as he prefers to call them. And he “is not coming slow”. Known for taglines such as the latter, as well as “scenes kuch aise hain“, Irfan’s casual and infectious charm in front of the camera is undeniable.

Junejo boasts more than 250,000 subscribers on his Youtube channel – which he started on January 1st 2017 – and about 100,000 on Instagram. With Pakistani access to internet and broadband services increasing at a rapid rate, there is only one direction these numbers are likely to go, forcing brands to pay attention to these new marketers.

This new space in digital marketing is slowly evolving in Pakistan, and there is much room for improving the relationship between creators and brands.

“Brands and agencies don’t realise the power of creators. They only measure their reach [in terms of likes and views] … not their influence,” says Junejo, who often turns down offers from multiple brands if he does not like what they are selling, such as replicas.

The 27-year-old sat down with VCast Online and shared his story about how he came to making vlogs (video logs); ways to improve the dynamics between brands and influencers; the importance of mentorship and reading; and advice to aspiring content creators.

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