This Pakistani steel manufacturer won a global art award


Sprawled over a 48-acre plot in Karachi’s Landi Area, International Steel Limited (ISL)  is not your average steel manufacturer. The producer of galvanised and cold-rolled steel has experienced remarkable growth since it started production in 2010.

It has doubled its capacity since then and plans to quadruple this value with its recent expansion. But the steel-maker is in our spotlight for demonstrating more than just growth.  

ISL shows how a manufacturing company can be a patron of the arts in Pakistan.

Watch this video to learn more about the company’s milestones, including its recent award-winning ISL Artists in Residence programme. In November last year, the company received the Corporate Art Award 2017 at the PPT Art Award held at the Ministry of Art and Culture in Rome, Italy.

According to ISL, “The Artists in Residence program was envisioned to provide an enabling environment for young and upcoming artists, in order to promote contemporary art in Pakistan.”

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