This company broke even in three months and has now gone global


“We broke even in the first three months after launching,” says Myra Qureshi Jahangir, CEO of  Conatural, a manufacturer of natural and organic personal care products.  Although Conatural is no longer considered a startup, its success during the first couple of years is remarkable. 

VCast Online sat down with the 35-year-old entrepreneur to hear her story, from working in London as a management consultant for Deloitte to launching the personal care brand in her native city of Lahore.

In the video above she talks about the market for organic products in Pakistan and the journey of Conatural. 

Inspired by her own struggle with sensitive skin, as organic products were hard to find when she moved back to Pakistan in 2013, and overall concern over the harmful chemicals found in popular self-care products, Myra and her sister Rema launched Conatural’s online platform in 2014.

With only 7 products at its onset, the company is now producing 57 natural and organic items from hair oils and anti-aging creams to hair extensions and eyelashes. 

After successfully launching Conatural in the UAE , Myra recently took Conatural to the UK market.

Apart from craft-scale producers operating out of kitchens on a smaller scale, Myra says Conatural is the only Pakistani manufacturer of natural personal care products she knows that is ISO – certified, which means that Conatural follows international standards for good manufacturing processes. Conatural also use certified organic ingredients in the products they claim are “organic”. These ingredients have been certified by multiple global organisations such as USNOP, COSMOS and ECOCERT.

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