Throwback to Pakistan’s golden era of music and the label that made it possible


The best of Pakistani music came from one company – EMI Pakistan. It was here that Malika Pukhraj, Ustad Mehdi Hassan, Farida Khanum and Pathanay Khan, among others, recorded music that lives on decades after it was first produced.

Across generations, Pakistanis and South Asians at large, continue to identify with iconic songs such as ‘Mujh Say Pehli Si Mohabbat’ and ‘Aaj Janay Ki Zid Na Karo’ that were all recorded here. After all these decades, today, the company has a library of 60,000 records with archives that date back to 1939.

You will hear some of those records in this video. So sit back, relax and let VCast Online take you back in time to the ‘golden era’ of Pakistani music as you watch our video on the beginnings of this record company and its contributions to the music industry.

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