Cryptocurrency evangelism and independent consulting with Faisal Khan

This interview was recorded before State Bank Of Pakistan declared virtual currencies illegal in April 2018.

“I quit my IT business at 40 because I got sick and tired of it. I lost my edge. I then had three options. Be driven out of business, voluntarily go out of business, or retool myself. I chose the third option,” says Faisal Khan.

CEO and Founder of Faisal Khan & Company, a financial services consulting firm based out of Istanbul, Khan’s clientele includes some of the Fortune 500 companies.

Watch his interview to learn this entrepreneur’s take on the potential of cryptocurrencies (0:52); making it as an independent consultant (4:02); challenges for young entrepreneurs (5:00); and how to fix Pakistan’s financial sector (6:28).

Faisal strongly believes in keeping yourself ahead of the curve, learning new and developing technologies, and being persistent. Apart from being a consultant, advisor, and cryptocurrency evangelist, he is also featured as a top writer on Quora, a popular question-and-answer site, and hosts his own podcast on cryptocurrency, called “Around the Coin”.

He says that being a master of everything and time-management are crucial to making it as an independent consultant. Watch the interview to learn what he means by that.

He views the emergence of technological innovation in the finance world as the great equalizer, generating opportunities for countries like Pakistan to leapfrog and get ahead of the dominant economies if only their regulatory bodies made an effort to understand them.

Faisal is an avid reader but actively avoids ‘drip-reading’ throughout the day – preferring to save everything during the day for a time dedicated only for reading, similar to regular meal times.

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