Cheetay: An e-commerce startup that has raised over $1.8 million


“You know you have been successful in building any company when you walk away and things still work while you’re away. It means you have built the right team and you can detach,” says Ahmed Khan, CEO and founder of

Cheetay is a Lahore-based startup providing delivery services to the e-commerce industry, focusing mainly on food. The business has plans to expand to makeup, pharma, books and more.  Their objective is to provide “instant fulfillment service” to the e-commerce industry in Pakistan.

For more lessons Khan learned on his entrepreneurial journey,  watch his interview with VCast Online where he talks about how he built; the availability of capital for new ideas; the founder-investor relationship; and the challenges startup founders should be prepared for when starting out.

Cheetay has gone through two rounds of funding since it launched in 2015; $750,000 in the first, and $1.1 million during the second round of funding in 2017.

Earlier in his career, Ahmed was part of the leadership team at Rocket Internet, which started various ventures including and

Ahmed also teaches entrepreneurship at the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), which is one of Pakistan’s premier universities.



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