Get your startup advice from this serial entrepreneur

“The day you stop learning, is the day you stop growing,” says Ammar Jangbarwala, who we dub as a ‘serial entrepreneur’. He has his hands in at least 10 startups, either as co-founder or consultant. The 34 year old is currently the Founder and CEO of MyWater, an initiative to improve access to affordable clean drinking water in Pakistan.

He credits his mother as his entrepreneurial role model, as he saw her take control of the family business after his father’s untimely demise when Jangbarwala was only 12 years old. “When I came home, I had an entrepreneur to look up to,” he says.

An mechanical engineering graduate from the Rochester Institute of Technology,  he created his first consumer product in his kitchen, with his roommate at a cost of $3000. Watch this video to see what it was, and hear him talk about the importance of having a great product to start with.

Jangbarwala’s current passion project is what he calls ‘Pakistan 2.0’, an initiative he says will be driven by profit as opposed to charity. For him, it is important to get the word out that you can make money and uplift Pakistan’s economy at the same time. In fact, it may be the only sustainable way of ensuring value creation by making business in Pakistan more attractive for foreign investors. He considers a strong middle class as the prime enabler for economic growth, and he wants to focus on employment opportunities for qualified young professionals belonging to that strata.

If you have or are thinking of starting up a business, don’t miss out on his top 12 tips for startups! Watch the interview from (05:22) and hear him talk about investor relations, building up a core team, working for equity, and budgeting your time.

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Ammar Jangbarwala’s current read: Alibaba: The House That Jack Ma Built by Duncan Clark

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