Here’s why Pakistan can not neglect its human capital anymore

Where will Pakistan be at 100?

Two-thirds of about 210 million Pakistanis are below the age of 30. This is our biggest opportunity, and also our biggest challenge.

For the country to thrive at 100, we can not neglect human capital any longer. What can Pakistan do to ensure young people reach their full potential?

The World Bank recently set out to assess where Pakistan would stand at 100 years old.

One of their main prescriptions for a better Pakistan is to invest in the country’s human capital.

Watch this video to find out the report’s key recommendations and hear the powerful voices from VCast’s entrepreneurs and leaders that also stress on the need to invest in our people. 

Some of the research for this video came from the World Bank, “Pakistan@100: Shaping the Future” © World Bank 2019

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