How the Japanese formula of Ikigai may help you live a purposeful life

Finding one’s purpose in life is a goal many of us share.

You may find yourself dissatisfied with work despite making good money. Maybe you’re doing a job, or running a business that you’re passionate about but you still struggle to make ends meet. Some may find that things are generally alright, and yet, they struggle to be happy.  These problems become even more critical for people categorised as Generation X and millennials, who often struggle to find a higher purpose in their life or career.

So, what can you do to feel more content?

The Japanese offer a formula.

The approach is called Ikigai (pronounced ee-kee-gaee), loosely translated as the reason for being. This self-help tool has gained a lot of traction online recently, with publications such as Forbes, Thrive Global and many blogs offering their audiences a way to live a more fulfilling life.  

Ikigai is simply a journey through which you identify the factors that may help you find more meaning in your life. These include the things you value; your strengths and skills; and what society needs.  

But there is one more crucial element. Watch this video to find out what that is, and where all factors come together is where you will find your Ikigai – your purpose for living.

Remember, finding your Ikigai is a process, so it’s is entirely okay if you cannot find it at once. You may spend many years discovering your reason for being but the journey itself is rewarding. By experimenting and deeply reflecting on the things you value, you may learn to prioritise better and find new opportunities along the way.

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