In conversation with CEO Seed Ventures, Faraz Khan

“Human capacity, human development, is at the core of impact philosophy…” says Faraz Khan, CEO and Co-founder of SEED, as he explains the goal of this organization. Social, Entrepreneurship, and Equity Development or SEED was founded in 2009 with the aim of advancing entrepreneurship in the different social and economic facets of society to create wealth and drive social change.

Khan, who is a UK-based Pakistani entrepreneur and an MBA Marketing graduate from the University of Lincoln, strongly emphasizes that the input of various stakeholders in the entrepreneurial environment is vital for the success of SEED’s aim.

Watch our conversation with Faraz Khan as he discusses social enterprise development space (00:47), the meaning of “impact” in the context of social enterprises (2:19), the state of Pakistan’s social impact space (3:10), barriers to growth (4:53), and what’s needed in our ecosystem (8:47).

Khan believes that Pakistan is headed in the right direction. He takes the example of Engro, a multinational corporation, and praises them for the support they provide to the impact space through the Engro Foundation. He highlights Pakistan’s potential by saying, “Pakistan’s ecosystem for impact is progressing at an extremely fast pace.”

SEED has invested in companies such as GIZELLE and AEROsync. It also has projects like the Enterprise Challenge Pakistan in order to fill the gaps in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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