Meet Pakistan’s advertising guru and probably its greatest showman

The D’Hamidi Partnership, Pakistan’s first independent branding and design consultancy, was once a Potohar jeep with two passengers –  Faraz Hamidi and Adil Mirza. It is now among the top advertising agencies in the country with Pakistan’s largest companies as clients.

In a conversation with VCast Online, Hamidi shares how the two friends started the agency 23 years ago in Karachi and what it takes to run it successfully. His main key to success – being a person who values commitment. Business is not knowing excel, says Hamidi,  “business is being a man of your word.”

Although much has changed in the industry in the past two decades as the digital space becomes increasingly prominent, Hamidi believes he hasn’t had to adapt to the transformation.  “This is a business of poets and artists and storytellers and the way poets and artists combine words, that’s really the crux of our craft. It doesn’t matter what the medium is, what matters is what the craft is.”

Hamidi is also a poet and when you listen to him it will sound a whole lot like poetry and prose. So watch this video to listen to one of Pakistan’s most creative professionals (and eloquent speakers), and while you are at it, take home some sound advice on the power of a honed instinct.

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