How entrepreneurs are changing the mindset around fitness in Pakistan


Bilal Tariq was a trainer at several gyms before opening MatrixFit in Karachi, which is now affiliated with the global CrossFit brand as CrossFitBnB. 

Being an entrepreneur is a lonely journey, says Bilal, who had to overcome his fair share of obstacles along with way, especially from his family. The traditional mindset in Pakistani culture expects an educated man to climb the corporate or professional ladder as a banker, lawyer, engineer or doctor. Bilal was working in investment banking and other corporate jobs for about 6 years before quitting his job and starting MatrxiFit from his garage.

Bilal wanted to do more than open a conventional gym. He wanted to “make a difference in someone’s life through fitness”, which is what drew him to the Crossfit regimen and mantra. He wanted to build a space that focuses on community and overcoming mental barriers that hold most people back in the gym as well as other parts of their lives.

Head coach at Karachi’s only CrossFit box, Bilal has been Pakistan’s ‘fittest man’ for two years running. The title was given to him by the CrossFit Open Games, which is a global event that gives more than 100,000 people a chance to represent their region in the CrossFit Games in the United States. 

Watch his interview with VCast Online where Bilal breaks down his journey; spills some truth about the mistakes people make at the gym; talks about breaking gender barriers; and changing the mindset around fitness in Pakistan.

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