Nilofer Saeed: Pakistan’s pioneering restauranter


Ask Nilofer Saeed what’s the difference between a businesswoman and an entrepreneur and she will give you one word, adventure.

A pioneer in the food and restaurant industry in Pakistan, Nilofer prides herself on being the “first”  in her business endeavors. From the uber popular restaurant, Copper Kettle, set up in Karachi in the early 90s to the launch of Pakistan’s first popular health food cafe and retailer, Neco’s in Karachi, her menus boast unique dishes that helped Karachi residents develop a taste for something different.

Neco’s has now become synonymous with the words ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ when it comes to food and has played a role in raising awareness among Pakistanis about these trends.

What is that secret sauce that keeps one relevant in the challenging restaurant industry? VCAST spoke with Nilofer to find answers to these questions and hear her story. In the video above she talks about the challenges she has faced on her journey as an entrepreneur and what’s the scope of organic food in Pakistan.

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