Learn how the e-commerce startup WebWorks rose to success in Pakistan


It was in August 2015 when Fatin Gondal and Adam Ghaznavi, two old friends, met for lunch. Ghaznavi had just launched Careem and Gondal had left Rocket Internet, a global e-commerce giant, some months back. It was at this lunch meeting when the idea for WebWorks came up. A month later, Gondal and Ghaznavi had moved into their own office.

The birth of WebWorks is a result of identifying a gap in the market with respect to managed e-commerce services. The co-founders felt that there wasn’t any one place that was a one-stop solution for brands that wanted to be online.

It’s only been an upward journey since. The first client came in on their second day of work when WebWorks was a team of five people, including the two of them. A little over two years down the road, the team of five have now grown to 52 people and a golden retriever, Mango.

WebWorks now has some of the biggest accounts in the market and has the distinction of having done the fastest deployment in the world for e-commerce platform Magento solutions. In fact, WebWorks is Pakistan’s first and only official Magento ‘Business Solutions Partner’.

Here Fatin Gondal talks to VCast about the birth of WebWorks and the various strides made over the years.

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